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How to create Binance API

CoinRobot.AI needs an API to enable trading

API will allow only right to trade, no withdrawal. Using IP restrictions accress is only allowed for the BOT. Your crypto is on Your account. You can remove the API any time.

Hint: don't forget to set up BNB as the trading fee, see HOWTO here:

Step #1: login to Binance and go to menu "API Management"

Step #2: uncheck the checkbox marked on the picture bellow

Step #3: click on "Create API" button

Step #4: select "System generated" option

Step #5: give any name to your new API

Step #6: copy the "API key" and "Secret Key" that will be required for CoinRobot.AI Registration Form! After Click on the "Edit restrictions" menu

Step #7: click the ckechbox "Enable Spot & Margint Trading", then "Restrict access to trusted IPs only" checkbox and enter the 6 IP's

IP's are:,,,,,

please don't forget to enter ALL the IP addresses and to Enable spot TRADE

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