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Welcome to the CoinRobot.AI project KNOWLEDGEBASE

HOW-TO links:
➤ How to Open a Binance account? See:
➤ How Create a Binance API? See:
➤ How set up BNB as trading fee? See:
➤ How the referral system works? See:
➤ How the FUEL system works? See:
➤ How the registration process works? See:

HOW-TO videos:
➤ official and by contributors:

PROJECT intro videos:
➤ English OFFICIAL:
➤ English by Crypto Lady:
➤ English by Crypto king Portal:
➤ Arabic by NetworksTube:
➤ Hindi by Crypto Wolf:
➤ Hungarian by Abroncsos Tamas

PROJECT in media:
➤ 2023, dec: Business Insider Tech News Network India Business Insider India Street Journal Tech Gossip Economic Press Forum

QUICK Step-By-Step guide:

➤ Start from the site:
➤ If you like to buy COINROBOT utility token:
➤ If you like to get a brand new CoinRobot for yourself:
➤ Your coins are ALWAYS on your Binance account.
➤ Registration process:
➤ The bridge between CoinRobot & your Binance account is API key (allowed only Read & Spot trading options):
➤ There is 2 choices about the Robot, when operating:
a) After the initial deposit, you do nothing but let the Robot work.
b) After the initial deposit, later you like to put more money to the Robot; or change the coins range; or upgrade to igger Robot (more coins at once), etc.
➤ If your Coin Robot already work, you like:
a) to put more money for Buy/Sell &/or Convert → check this video or
b) to change your coins in the Robot → check this video or
c) to upgrade your Robot for more coins → check this video or
➤ You can set Take Profit (TP) in CONFIG, how much % like to get in USDT & how much convert back to coin
➤ Present statistic about the Coin Robot:
➤ Refer CoinRobot.AI and earn crypto:

Questions & Answers

Will my Portfolio value more in USDT or in BTC?
We can’t guarantee that your Portfolio will value more $ or BTC, BUT we guarantee that your each type of coin amount will grow from day to day. More coin values more on the Bull Market if you choose the right coins.

If I choose 10, 20, 30 or 60 coins for my CoinRobot, can I change them later?
Yes of course, any time until you have a valid license to use your CoinRobot.

Can I put more USDT to my CoinRobot, after I start?
Of course, any time. Check our HowTo wiki on .

How many strategy does my CoinRobot have?
Two main strategy can You use: BUY/SELL (usdt ⇔ coin) CONVERT (coin ⇔ coin)

What is a BUY/SELL strategy?
You give for CoinRobot USDT and CoinRobot will Buy your chosen Coins. If the bought coin(s) grow min. +2%, Robot will Sell. If the same coin price will decrease min -2%, then Robot will Buy again, etc.

What is a CONVERT strategy?
Your money is ALWAYS in coins. Each coin convert generates min 1% profit.

Can I manage Take Profit (TP)?
Yes, you can setup in Config menü any time your TP % separately on Buy/Sell & Convert.

Can I withdraw my money from CoinRobot /Binance?
Yes, any time 24/24h, 365/365 days. You can manage your money in Binance. Only administrative step is to close the relevant open positions in CoinRobot to avoid ALERT messages.

Can CoinRobot realize a profit during the Bear market?
Yes, because CoinRobot checks ONLY relative changes at CONVERT strategy and finds the possibility to increase the amount of selected coins with a min 1% growth-profit.

If I don’t know something about my CoinRobot, can I get support?
Yes, we are in the background to help you for 7/24h. Don’t worry, all the requests are solved rapidly. Get to e-mail or Telegram channel.

Is it worth to buy COINROBOT token?
Yes, because it is a utility token. We use for our CoinRobots, which is similar to burning (it is withdrawn from the market). The price will increase as more people will use CoinRobot. No airdrops (gratis COINROBOT tokens).

Can I sell COINROBOT token?
Yes, you can sell any time your COINROBOT tokens. Easy to swap on Pancakeswap or Metamask or etc.

How can I validate the reported profit?
You have detailed analytics on trades so You can validate any time the math behind. Here is a short video which shows You the way.

When there is a big drop in the market, the value of the portfolio in the robot decreases in $, why is this?
Because we live and work in the world of Crypto. The measure of value here is not $, but how much crypto you have - we believe this is the FUTURE!
The purpose of our robot is not to increase the value of the dollar, but to increase the number of coins. The price of the market volatile, if it falls in dollars, the $ value is less, but when it rises, it will rise more because the number of coins has increased in the meantime (you can view these coin increases in the EVAL menu). This robot is UNIQUE in this. However, the market is constantly rising. HODL & trade, i.e. keep your capital in coins but trade in the meantime - we make this happen. Whoever wants to increase the value of $ by continuous shorting will sooner or later lose his capital or get stuck in $ when the market goes up - with us, the increase in the number of coins is 100% safe, because the robot does not have the option to convert so that it does not increase . It's like if you buy a Tesla share at $100, but it goes down to $90, then you don't sell it, not even at $110, because you know it will be worth even $200… You are more likely to gamble that while your capital is in Tesla, the number of coins will increase, because then when it will be worth $200, you will have even more profit from it…

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