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How to open Binance account

CoinRobot.AI will trade on Binance which is the largest Crypto Exchange. The trades are done through API.

CoinRobot.AI project provides you a full transparency and ensures that your crypto remains always your crypto. Therefore the Robot will connect to Your own Binance account and will do the trades on Your account.

Step #1: You should have a Binance account.

If You don't have, then create one NOW.

Clicking on this link You will get 10% discount from EACH trade:

You can check Binance own instructions here:

Step #2: Set up an API to allow trading.

API requires ONLY trade right. Crypto will be always on Your own account.

Follow the 7 steps guide:

Step #3: Fill with USDT Your Binance account.

CoinRobot will invest USDT into coins based and trade with them.

Here is a short guide how to Deposit USDT to you Binance account:

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