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I. The purpose of the project

The goal of the project is to create a “smart” crypto trader COIN ROBOT based on artificial intelligence. Trading of blockchain-based coins and tokens on crypto exchanges or other similar platforms with automated, innovative solutions, with the aim of increasing the number of coins.

II. Operating principles

a) Do not realize losses without human intervention - except for loss minimization (“stop-loss”) functions.

b) Its operation should be fully automatic, it should not require parameterization, but it should be possible to modify the key strategic elements.

c) Comply with the legal requirements, but when designing operating environment, it is important to minimize financial legal involvement.

d) Select the trading points on a statistical basis, in an intelligent manner, within the specified limits.

III. Rights

Sunshine Future Solution Ltd (Corp. ID. 3-102-887716) leased right for an indefinite period to a “CoinRobot.AI” project to run under a domain “”, including the brand management, marketing communication, technical hosting and intellectual rights to host this project to the public. Contact: The project is a research and development project which is constantly being developed by the rights holders. During the lease, the rights holders have transferred all rights necessary to provide the service to Sunsine Future Solution Ltd, however, they retain all ownership rights, including the possibility of immediate termination of the rights lease.

IV. User

A User using the “Coin Robot” software based on a valid and effective authorization provided by the Right Owner.

V. Method of use

Use is possible through a web interface under the domain name

The User must provide API access to the SPOT Wallet of his own Binance - or other stock exchange - account, which can only be accessed with trading rights and only from the IP addresses of the project server. This safety regulation protects both parties and prevents the robot from being able to perform any other financial operations (e.g. withdrawals) apart from trading. This API is created by the User and can be terminated at any time as he wishes - he can unilaterally stop using it without notice. An API key can be attached to a robot, it cannot be changed or deleted later.

No financial data is uploaded to the Software, only auxiliary data supporting the calculations required for trading are stored. All operations in the Binance account are performed on behalf of the User using API commands.

The resources required for the operation of the robot (hereinafter referred to as “FUEL”) must be reserved in advance based on a fixed period and expected load. This must be provided in BNB, or USDT or COINROBOT tokens (on the Bsc network), and this provision is practically independent of what happens afterwards on the exchange. This resource reservation cannot be withdrawn even if the User stops using it.

VI. The rights of use

The usage period can be 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. User authorization is limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable. The right of use entitles User to run one CoinRobot.

The User is not entitled to transfer the use of his account to a third party, to reveal the operating principles and pass them on to a third party, to reverse engineer the program code, to search for source code, object code or basic structures, ideas, algorithms. User may not pass on the known operation to a third party in any form. The User is obliged to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing, using or copying the Software.

The User may only use the Software as intended, in full compliance with the periodic information provided in the user descriptions, Wiki documentation and the supporting official Telegram channel.

By using it, User irrevocably consent to the usage data being used and evaluated during research and development, with the proviso that the usage data may not be forwarded to third parties.

All information that comes to the attention of the User during the cooperation constitutes the intellectual property of the Right Owner. The information which cannot be classified under the definition of copyright and intellectual property must be treated as a trade secret, whether communicated orally, in writing or in any other way. The fact of cooperation is classified as confidential information and a trade secret.

VII. Usage fee

CoinRobot does not require any regular monetary instrument.

VIII. Ensuring operating conditions

The “FUEL” provided to reserve the resources necessary for CoinRobot's operation is required to reserve the resources necessary for its operation on the exchange. The extent of this is determined by the number of coins (10 or 20 or 30 or 60) used during the use, its duration (1 or 3 or 6 or 12 months) and the amount of crypto assets used (below or above 15k USDT).

The amount of “FUEL” required to start CoinRobot is calculated online during registration depending on the current loads.

On days when the USDT value of the trading balance (“used by BOT”) is over 15k, additional FUEL must be provided depending on the load of the robot. The required additional FUEL amount is 15% over 15k and 12% over 150k of the “Earned” USDT value of the increments shown at the trades. This will be issued retrospectively, daily, and you have 72 hours to ensure it. In the absence of this, the operation of the robot stops and does not start again until the operating condition is ensured. Otherwise, after 30 days, CoinRobot will be permanently deleted.

The “FUEL” provided as an operating condition is used up promptly when the use of CoinRobot is started, it can no longer be released or returned, even if the User stops his activities and even if CoinRobot stops due to the lack of external resources in the meantime.

IX. Referral system

A referral system is maintained as follows for CoinRobot registration and licence extension:
- 10% for a direct recommender (level 1),
- 5% for those who recommend him (level 2),
- 2.5% for those who recommend him (level 3)
will be allocated in COINROBOT tokens from the “FUEL” provided for the given resource.

The direct referrer (level 1) is entitled to 2.25% of the FUEL provided for working capital over 15k but bellow 150k.
The level 2 referrer is entitled to 1.5% of the FUEL provided for working capital over 15k but bellow 150k.
The level 3 referrer is entitled to 0.75% of the FUEL provided for working capital over 15k but bellow 150k.

The direct referrer (level 1) is entitled to 1.8% of the FUEL provided for working capital over 150k.
The level 2 referrer is entitled to 1.2% of the FUEL provided for working capital over 150k.
The level 3 referrer is entitled to 0.6% of the FUEL provided for working capital over 150k.

The direct referrer (level 1) is entitled to 10% of the FUEL provided for COINROBOT order from website.

Only those with valid User who have ensured the operating conditions for their own CoinRobot can participate in the referral system.
Recommendations are used with refferal word which is the CoinRobot userID-s - could be found in the CONFIG menu of CoinRobot.

X. Liability

The Licensee declares that it has the right to make CoinRobot available to Users for Use. A third party does not have any rights or authorizations on the Software that would limit or exclude the User's right to use it.

Due to the complex nature of the software and the continuity of its development, the Licensee and the Licensee do not guarantee that it will function completely error-free or without any disturbances, and that it will be compatible with all equipment and software configurations, but will do everything in its power to ensure that it is in accordance with the basic principles of operation can be used.

In relation to the software, the Rights Owner's responsibility does not extend to compensation for damages or pecuniary disadvantage (including any indirect or direct damage, property depreciation, lost profit or loss, loss of data, lack of business profit) resulting from the use or inability to use the software.

The responsibility of the Lessee and the Right Owner and the User's right to use the Software shall cease in the case of improper or unauthorized use, as well as if the User or a third party modifies or otherwise changes the software without the prior consent of the Lessee or the Right Owner, and also if the basic architecture, such as the stock exchange, its API that ensures public trading, the coins there (e.g. BNB, ETH, BTC) will cease to exist, or will clearly not be suitable for the operation of the software.

XI. Data handling

• Name of the Data Controller: Sunshine Future Solutions Ltd (Corp. ID. 3-102-887716)
• Purpose of data management: trading via user dedicated API
• Legal basis for data management: Article 6 (1) point a) GDPR
• Range of managed data: user's e-mail address, API key, number of selected coins, configuration parameters for use
• Duration of data management: during the period of use and for 30 days thereafter
• Use of a data processor: data cannot be accessed by third parties other than the Lessee and the Right Owner
• The range of persons entitled to access the data: the Lessee, Right Owner and the professional team of the research project
• Data security measures: according to ISO27001 requirements
• Rights of data subjects: Right to access, Right to change, Right to deletion, Right to restriction, Right to object - they can be handled with the functions available on the interface, or if this is not available, you can request it at
• Your legal enforcement options:

XII. Functions, documentation

The functionality of the Software is constantly expanding, a more detailed description of which is available on the Telegram channel and Wiki pages.

XIII. Risk Warning

CoinRobot allow users to automatically place orders based on pre-set parameters. Using Trading Bots does not mean that your returns are guaranteed. Please take note that any information provided by us in relation to the CoinRobot or any other automated trading functionality should not be regarded as financial, trading or investment advice, and that your investment is subject to risks and the potential loss of some or all of the principal invested. By using the CoinRobot, you agree that you are solely responsible for making your own independent assessment of any information provided by us and that you have read through and are aware of all the terms and conditions above and related wiki documentation.

In particular, Virtual Asset like crypto trading is subject to high market risk and price volatility. The price of a Virtual Asset may move up or down, and may become valueless. It is as likely that losses will be incurred rather than profit made as a result of buying and selling Virtual Assets.

Please consult your own tax, legal and other advisers if you are unsure of the risks of using CoinRobot. You expressly acknowledge that any use of a CoinRobot at your own risk is based on your own independent review and assessment of its suitability for you, taking into account your specific objectives, financial situation, investment experience, knowledge, and needs.

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